WAVE PTX eBrochure

33 614-276-5552 | WWW.BANDCCOMMPTT.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS CONSTRUCTION COMMUNICATION ACROSS THE NATION At the construction site, smartphones just won’t cut it. Built tough, the WAVE two-way radio is the ideal communications device. Whether the next job is across the street, across the city, or across the country, the WAVE two-way radio is ready to use. When more radios are needed, it’s simple to expand the fleet with minimal set-up required. By using the WAVE PTT application, workers can communicate directly from their radio to any WAVE-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer located in the country. NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION IN ACTION A large hotel chain is expanding, and new resort properties are popping-up across the nation. While on one of her biweekly job site inspections in Florida, the site manager notices the balcony installation does not comply with the specifications stated in the project contract. Using her WAVE two-way radio she instantly PTTs to the Design Engineer back at headquarters in New York. Together they come up with the proper corrective actions and can leverage their WAVE radios to communicate to all the other job sites located across the nation. Instant, nationwide communication helps ensure all the new hotel properties are on track for their targeted completion.