WAVE PTX eBrochure

41 614-276-5552 | WWW.BANDCCOMMPTT.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE SECURITY: INSTANT COMMUNICATION WHEN IT’S NEEDED MOST Perhaps no industry requires instant communication more than security, where safety often depends on split second decisions. With WAVE PTX and TLK Series radios, your security personnel have a tool that operates as fast and reliably as they do. Effortlessly link teams across town or across the country. You can see the real-time location of all resources, no matter their location, through the WAVE PTX Mobile application via smartphone or the Dispatch app. The system can be easily expanded, so that wherever the next job is, an instant communication system is always ready to deploy. For example, at a large music festival, security personnel can immediately notify the medical tent of an emergency. Using real-time GPS data from the user’s WAVE PTX device, medical staff can immediately send help to the exact location. When undercover operations need more functionality, the WAVE PTX SafeGuard Package brings PTT and other essential features, such as emergency calling, remote user checks, and discrete listening to a smartphone or other device.