WAVE PTX eBrochure

36 614-276-5552 | WWW.BANDCCOMMPTT.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS FIELD SERVICES COMMUNICATION ACROSS THE NATION With GPS and dispatch capabilities, the WAVE two-way radio allows field workers to track their deployed resources and redirect them during downtime between jobs to maximize profitability. Create new talk groups quickly and easily, and help field technicians confidently communicate with the right teams to solve any issue. WAVE two-way radios are ultra-rugged, so workers can bring them virtually anywhere in the nation, in any environment, without worry. NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION IN ACTION A cable repair worker is enroute to replace a broken modem when he realizes he forgot a piece of equipment. Using his WAVE two-way radio he instantly PTTs to a co-worker who is enroute in a neighboring suburb to inquire if he has a spare modem. The cable repair workers are able to coordinate a meetup location and exchange modems. Thanks to instant, nationwide push-to-talk, the cable repair worker did not need to reschedule his appointment and was able to repair the customer’s broken modem as scheduled. 8 WHITEPAPER | COMMUNICATION NATION