WAVE PTX eBrochure

37 614-276-5552 | WWW.BANDCCOMMPTT.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS HOSPITALITY COMMUNICATION ACROSS THE NATION No matter the location of resort properties, the WAVE two-way radio keeps hospitality professionals productive and connected. According to USA Today, 96% of housekeepers would feel safer on the job with access to a panic button(1). The WAVE two-way radio, with its tactile one-button push-to-talk functionality, keeps employees safely in contact at all times. Create new talk groups quickly and easily, so workers can be in constant communication across all resort properties, virtually anywhere in the nation. NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION IN ACTION A VIP hotel guest is traveling from one hotel location to another hotel location across the country. Once the VIP guest has departed from the resort and is enroute to his next destination, guest services can use their WAVE two-way radio to coordinate the arrival time of the high profile hotel guest. With instant, communication on a nationwide scale, the two hotel locations can communicate from state-to-state and provide real time updates, ensuring a seamless check-in experience. (1) UNITE HERE Research Report: “Hands Off, Pants On”